The Day of sharing Love!

The 14th of February – Everybody knows that today is the Valentine’s Day!


I’m the blood donor myself so I prefer to celebrate another love spreading day more – The Donor Day.

This day should be all about being selfless and giving of yourself to save another person, but by donating tissues, blood, marrow, and even organs you can help save not only somebody else’s life. You can save yourself!

For example, before the last process of donating blood come forth, a nurse or doctor checks your overall health e.g. blood pressure and hemoglobin level. Plus, after donation, there are a series of tests that are performed on the donor’s blood totally out of charge. So frequent blood donations are good free health checkups!

I will not be serious by giving this example – Donating blood burn 4500 kcal so it will help you stay fit! 😉

Happy Donor Day!



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