The hidden danger – Essential oils tips


More and more people are using Aromatherapy by their own. It is important to use it wisely. Unfortunately, using this technique recklessly may cause more damage than profit. Not all essential oils are appropriate for Kids, pregnant women and especially pets. Some substances may be harmless to you and toxic to our four-legged friends. Same as it comes with choosing plants and flowers you need to keep in mind your pet wellbeing while practicing Aromatherapy. Above all, for example, cats are exclusively sensitive toward scented substances – not only essential oils but also air refreshers, perfumed candles and waxes may cause threats. There is also a wide selection of Essential Olis aimed toward furry members of a family on the market.

Request an opinion from your domestic animals’ vet, main doctor or midwife, before considering Aromatherapy use in those particular circumstances.


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