Island Spa music, soft breeze from Greece

Island Spa Greek Relaxation music album.jpeg

After red sun phenomenon in Europe, it is time to calm down and clean the air. Hurricane Ophelia has left a lot of damages in Ireland so we are sending prayers and positive energy to help this country on a spiritual level. Nature is unpredictable sometimes and its power can be totally overwhelming. Very inspiring but very creepy as well. Today we need to feel the peace of mind again and that’s why we share our new music album.

Sensual Massage to Aromatherapy Universe presents Island Spa Greek Relaxation. New album – 30 tracks of special calming music with a sketch of Greek climate.

Feel the breeze of warm, sunny islands and relax listening to sea sounds. Perfect background music for spa, massage or relaxation session. Bring back the most pleasant memories from summer to make your mind and body carefree and simply happy.

You deserve it.

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